Wednesday, July 25, 2007

* *Lucky number 51* *

Wow, I've posted 51 times already. Why, not write this yesterday on #50 you ask? Well, because I wasn't paying attention yesterday, that's why. What I have for you today is an experience in photo wonder. I hoped over to the Photo Challenge, since I'm a few weeks behind, this week was about some technique called Miksang, and I thought that I would try it out last night but I didn't know what the hell to do, so I heard some cops coming and they were down the street from my house, and I sat on the curb, and was just watching the cops and thinking about what I could take pictures of..Then I thought oh, I could take pictures of the cap lights, that might be cool, but by the time I was done dinking around with the camera settings, they had turned off their lights.. So then I thought I would try taking pictures of cars with a low speed on the camera..Here's what I got.

The one in the middle is an ambulance that went past, I got excited because I'd be able to take a picture of it. The other two are just cars that were going past. For some reason I just thought that it was kind of neat. This picture is of Dag, he was out by the street with me, he likes to help with all the various yard tasks (including taking pictures of cars..) so he followed me out there, and we were kind of jogging through the yard and so I took a picture of him, I think it looks weird, because he is sort of focused, but the ground is not, and just a side note, all that brown is the grass in my yard..Because its been so dry and my Mom could care less if the grass grows, then she doesn't have to mow, even though she has recently employed my B/F to do it.

So, I'm sad to say that I've got only male flowers on my pumpkins. They bloom and then they die right away, those pics that I posted yesterday I took at about 8:30am and by the time I got home from work at 4pm, they were all wilted and deady looking. I had two more this morning, and if they are dead when I get home, I'll know they are male. But I guess this is normal.. I'm just wanting there to be a pumpkin SO bad. In other veggie news, I have some peas..I think there are about 4 or 5, so thats cool. Mom cut some of her lettuce last weekend, but we haven't tried it yet. I don't have any beans yet but I'm hoping they aren't far behind. I waited a little long to start planting so they are all a little behind.
But I'm still hoping to have SO much stuff that I have to sell it on the street. Well, I should get to work since its almost lunch time and I like to have completed something before I go to lunch. I mean I DO have goals for myself, they aren't high, because then I always feel good because I've completed my work goals for the day, then I'm happy :P Have fun ya'll and wish my Twins luck because they've been losing, but I'm going to listen to them anyways. I am a true fan!

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susy said...

The car lights look cool, good shot.