Monday, July 23, 2007

Mo, Mo, Monday!

Well, I wrote a post yesterday but blogger was being stupid and I couldn't post, and then it wouldn't save it and I was trying to post pictures but it wouldn't load them. It was just an irritating experience. So i just gave up! So I'm back to work (yay) and I ended up forgetting my work shoes, so I'm wearing slippers.. But anyways, vacation was good, the weather was so nice and was only a little hot one day. I loved spending time in the pool, I only wished that it was outside, in the sun. It made me remember how much I like being in the water and just floating around. On Saturday, the B/F and I went to St. Paul for the Car Craft Summer Nationals, another car show. This time it was muscle cars and some hot rod types. There were also a lot of new cars that people were showing off. We hung out down there for a while, it was nice out so it was cool. Not all of my pics turned out very well since most of the cars were moving and some were going faster than others, but here are some of the not blurry ones.

The one car is a corvette, the other ones I'm not sure about even though I'm sure I asked "what's that one"..This one is called a Beaumont, I have no idea what it is, and neither did my Mom or the B/F. And one guy walked up to him and said "this must be the only one like it here" it was a nice car, beautiful in fact. It was from Canada even. I'll have to Google the kind to see what its all about. Hopefully, I spelled it right. Well, apparently the Beaumont is a Canadian car (imagine that, and its from Canada).

So anyways, I hope you all enjoy the pics, I have more, but don't want to overload your eyes with all these beauties. :P Have a great day!

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