Friday, July 6, 2007

Ok, so its been like 8 days!

Well, here is what I've been doing since the last time I blogged... M, T, W, Th, F, S, S, M, and T WORK! I did have Weds off for 4th of July, I slept in and did basically nothing during the day, I didn't even go see fireworks, just the ones across the street from my house that were going on from about 10:30 till after 11:30... Now its back to work- I'm holding back my need to just go into a rant about work and misc crap.. Really there hasn't been anything else going on, I started, and have gotten pretty far on the B/F's blanket, its black and green. I think its going to be pretty cool when its all done, I'm clipping along with it but paying the price for just sitting on the couch and working on it. My back is killing me and my shoulders are tight and my wrists hurt, blah blah, like you want to hear about that. Maybe tomorrow (since I'll be here, again) I'll post some pictures of my pumpkins, they are getting so huge and they have a little vine on them.. Well, I guess that should be all for now, because I have to get to work. But my Twins play a double header today and I'm hoping they kick ass! Go TWINS!!!


SoMuchSugar said...

You MUST post photos of your afghan!

Tt is unfathomable to someone like me how you can complete such an endeavor, as my hands just wouldn't work that way.

It is so cute that your B.F. wants one!!

SoMuchSugar said...

Oops, another P.S., I just saw your other comment re. my job: Well, you see, we just bought a condo here in the city, and our closing-date is in a month. I'm sort of trapped, at least for the rest of the year. Before that, I was helping Tom through his degree. But, before that, maybe I was a coward, or lazy... I fell into computers by chance, just happening to have the knack, and never stopped... Now I don't know what to do. You've actually hit quite a spot there. I am very envious of you. Seems like you enjoy things so much.

(Sorry for babbling!)