Friday, July 20, 2007

Home, sweet home!

Hey ya'll well, let me start off by saying that I am home, safe and sound. Yippee. Only to be mad because small animals (rabbits, the devils sidekicks) have been eating my pumpkins and my peas. So my mom put a fence up around both of the gardens... Mind you the backyard has a fence, all the way around, I say where the hell are they coming from? space? Aliens dropping then from the sky because I wouldn't get on the ship for my probing! And then, while at the water park, some fat lady (with back fat, gross) and her 36C son- ok let me go back.. There is a part in the thing called a "lazy river" (no wonder she was there) it has these fountains that spray you and then there are a bunch of jets in the floor and it is more or less simulated rapids, in other words, if you are just being "lazy" and floating along as the name dictates, and you don't move much it kind of gets you trapped so that you can have jets in your ass or something, I don't know.. ANYWAYS- so I'm sitting in my tube floating along and fat ass says to me " are you going to go" and I was all (snotty voice) "I'm just floating, I'm not doing anything!!" It pissed me off so bad- because I was actually trying to let them go past me but was having a hard time getting a hold of something to get out of the way. So then my we made fun of her the rest of the way because that made me feel better, to be obnoxious in her direction- loudly asking my mom if she "was going to go" ARRGGHH!! I'm not Catholic so I'm sure that I'm not going to hell, but to be honest, I don't feel bad. I mean I'm the kind of person that will wait and hold the door for you- even though I know that only 5 % will say thank you. Why is that? I mean what has gone wrong with people that they can't even be nice? I mean today my mom helped some older, physically challenged (like with a walker or something) get into a bathroom stall and closed the door for her and all.. I mean, was is that she was the only one around or the only one willing to help? I just don't understand why people can't be a little nice- just a bit, how much would that change out world? I'm generally a nice person, but please don't piss me off, don't be stupid, because I will make fun of you! I have some pics that I could post but I don't feel like going out there and getting the camera and everything- so I'll do it tomorrow. Hope that someone is a little nice to you this weekend. GO TWINS!

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SoMuchSugar said...

OH MY God I always feel like that... why can't people just be nice!! I mean, have basic considerations... Sometimes I'm on the bus and someone is sitting in the 'elderly/handicapped' seats, and doesn't get up and give their seat over when an elderly person gets on. Or even a pregnant lady or a person with a cane!! I have seen it. I get so mad.

But sounds like fun on your vacation anyway, getting out. I am envious!! :)