Tuesday, July 10, 2007

Yes, it lets me put in a title!

Well, for whatever reason blogger isn't letting me put in a title, so here's me "what the hell". Tomorrow I will have some pictures, because Sugar has requested that I post some, and since she's really the only "active" person around here (that I'm not related to) I'm going to do what she asks! And her comments made me think about something, why do some people create? What is in them that isn't in others, or is it something that they have tapped into- that all people have in them, they just have never had a real chance to explore it? I've always been creative, I like to make things, all things- draw, paint, ceramics, glass blowing, print making, T-shirts, sewing, knitting, crocheting.. I guess it helps fill the time, maybe it is more a matter of I don't like to be bored, I just get restless when I don't' have something to do and I'm not tired. Like Sunday, it was so hot, I stayed inside practically all day and watched TV, did some laundry and worked on the blanket..Well it cooled off after it rained and I went to B/F's house and then came home and I was just bored, so bored that I could have thrown a hissy fit- SO I went to Wal-Mart because I didn't want to have a repeat of sore back, neck and shoulders due to working on the blanket to much. That's another thing, I get so sucked into this stuff that I just push myself WAY to far and cause real pain. I guess I just like to have something to look at and say "I made that" isn't it cool. Like I can brag about it a little bit and feel like even though I go to a job (way too much) that is pretty much a waste of my time (but it pays the bills) and I feel more stupid the more time I spend here, and I look at jobs online at least once a week, and where I am just a pee-on but yet have critical things to get done- that somehow its worth it to make things for others. In a way my day doesn't start until I leave here, some days I babysit, some days I go home and do nothing or work on a project.. I mean I guess I'd like more, but I'm not sure if I'd be able to handle anything else, there are so many unknowns that if I think about it to much it makes me nervous.. So, maybe tomorrow can be like pic-o-rama I do need to get out and take some of the pumpkins, they are getting big and I'm still really excited about it.. Hopefully I won't have to work this weekend (I mean I am one of the few in my dept that has worked the last 2) my dept is only 5 people for 3 shifts... You do the math on that one, ones pregnant and one is old and has like a billion hours of vacation and sick time to use up (which she does)! Me- I'm a temp not paid vacation, no sick time.. One raise in the past 7 years... But anyways, that will just make me mad :P Ya'll have a good day, and stay cool- and if you live in a state that is currently on fire, keep the hose out.

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Heather said...

I would have to say yes. Everyone is creative. Not always in the same way that might me traditionally considered creative. We grew up around women who were always busy. Moving, making, learning, doing. So we are that way too. We only sit still if we are doing something. Or sleeping. But I think there are lots of people who are creative and don't know it because they haven't found anything that inspires them. This is what my grad thesis was supposed to be about! But it didn't work out that way.