Tuesday, January 29, 2008

So, ya got something to say, Huh?

Well, its been awhile since my last post, but I can't remember HOW long. Not really a ton of stuff has been happening. It was super nice out this weekend so we (me. B/F, sister and BIL) went skating on Saturday. It was like 30 degrees or something. B/F and I went the whole two hours. It was pretty nice. My legs were pretty tired later on and then on Sunday but they didn't hurt, so I'm OK with that! Sunday was laundry day. But B/F came over and we watched TV and ordered a pizza. Later on I watched the All Star Game. The WILD had one player on the all star team and he scared a goal (whoo hoo), it will be back to regular play tomorrow.
The weather here has been crazy (as usual) yesterday it was up to 42 degrees and later on about 5:30pm it started to rain, but then today at 8am it was only 8 degrees (wow). Plus the wind chills are supposed to be like -40 degrees! There are two WILD hockey things tonight, but they are both at 5pm and I think I'm going to skip them, even though I want to go.. OH well!
Moving on, I am taking 2 days off this week and I have a short list of things that I want to get done. And here they are
1. I want to go through my clothes and get rid of the stuff that I'm not going to wear, doesn't fit, or I'm not going to use.
2. I want to get the printer hooked up to the laptop so that I can print! What a concept, HUH?
3. Get my room cleaned up (which is directly related to #1)
I guess that's all the things I want to get done. Its a short list but I know it will be time consuming.. and since I'm severely allergic to dust, even small amounts, I know that it will suck. Even if I wear a mask and run the air purifier...
Now for a new idea: I'd like to make my own underwear. Does that seem weird? I was just thinking about it the other day and underwear are expensive, and I don't buy new ones often enough (not I'm not running around with falling apart underwear) I just stock up on the ones I like (which isn't many). I'm pretty sure that they make patterns you can buy to make your awn, but I thought that I could just make my own pattern from a pair that I like. But I'd have to find material and I guess I could just walk in and be "What could I use to make underwear" but that would be kind of weird... I'll have to think about that idea for a while. Another thing I would like to learn is something called "The Magic Loop". It sound strange I'm sure, but it is a knitting technique.. And they have a class at the uptight yarn shop but it costs $45 for the class and I think you get a pattern but you have to buy your own materials and stuff.. I've decided that I'm going to buy a book first since I can learn pretty well from words and pictures, its almost easier for me than having someone show me, since all people do things a little differently. Hmm, I guess I don't really have anything else to write about. Hope ya'll had a great weekend and stuff :P


Heather said...

Did you get your stuff done?? Did you go through you clothes?? Did you find any old jeans that might fit my butt? I seemed to have out grown the old ones you gave me! But I don't think you've gotten any bigger so I suppose your old jeans wouldn't fit me anyway! I have to get rid of this butt!

SoMuchSugar said...

Could you use the "magic loop" to make your underwear?! Groovy!! You are so cool.

I think I need a pizza too! :(