Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Yippee! C-R-A-F-T-Y!!

So, I made my lunch bag. It was an experiment. I've wanted to try zipper tabs for a while but never have, mostly because I haven't made much with zippers in while. But I've been sick and doing nothing for the past few days so I decided to do it yesterday. I worked on it most of the day and then finished it this morning. I didn't do the zip tabs correctly, because I made them the same width of the bag. They should have been shorter and then sewn around but not over. But now I know this for the future. And, I forgot about the pocket until after I was sewing up the lining but I was all "Oh, I can still do it after" so I forged ahead. Yeah, right. How am I going to sew a pocket onto something where I can't maneuver it I had to get friendly with the seam ripper (nothing new there)! Then I wanted to quilt circles on it, like on the fabric. I traced some circles and used freezer paper to put them on, well that didn't work out. I had to take out tiny stitches for that one. I decided to do 2 zig-zags down the front. Then when I was about 10 minutes from being done I decided I wanted Velcro on the pocket..half of which I had to sew it on by hand (major suckfest on that one!). But now it is done! Yippee.

I'm pretty happy with it for a number of reasons. I like the zig-zags. I used up stash. The fabric I got in the fall at Mill End with a 60% off coupon. The lining was leftovers from other bags. The zipper was one I got from a sheet set. You know they come in those plastic zippered bag things, I keep those. I had one that would have matched but I didn't want to cut it up (it felt like a waste). The interfacing was some we had in the fabric bin.

Now it's going on Quiltstory! You can check them out by clicking the button too!
That's all I got!


Quiltstory said...

You did great! I need to give those a try to, been on my list for too long. Thanks for linking to Fabric Tuesday :)

SoMuchSugar said...

WAY cute! (Hope you're feeling better!)