Thursday, November 3, 2011

A little birdie told me...

That today's post would include birds! So here they are! I made these little guys last week and haven't gotten around to posting them until now.
Yellow and says "JOY" on one said and "2011" on the other

Pink and says "2011"

 Turquoise and says "LOVE" on both sides

These little birds are Christmas ornaments, they don't have hangers because I haven't decided what to use.. any suggestions? I used this great tutorial to make them. I used some Sculpey that was at least 12 years ago..That stuff hold up. It's been sitting around for that long and it was a little hard to get it conditioned (I had to use two hands) but after a few minutes it was all ready to go. They were simple to make, took me maybe 10 minutes per bird. Strangely enough the first one took me about 5 minutes but the second and third ones were harder!

The project that I finished today are two small (3x4 inches) handwarmers. They are filled with rice. Last year I made a rice heating pack thingy (I dunno what else to call it!!) and it's really great. I don't know how long these will stay warm but it gets freakin' cold here so anything will be better than nothing.

I thought (stupidly) that I would make them with channels so that the rice would stay in place instead of just settling to one side or another. This made it hard to fill, it took me longer to fill one little pack than to cut and sew both of them.. I would have made the stitching shorter so that it would be easier to fill.. Then I made the little envelopes they go in.

In other news, today I actually went out and did something today! I know, right? I went bowling with my sister and nephew. It was pretty fun. Today is my sister's birthday and she invited me. Happy Birthday Sissy!

I'm trying to think of a project to do tomorrow, I feel like I need to do one more to complete the week. I think that I will make some of the small fabric organizers that Pink Penguin put up for 12 Gifts of Christmas. They seem like they are pretty quick and easy.
I also have to mention that I now have 13 followers! I say that on the dashboard and I was like "holy crap, 13, when did that happen??" So I'm off to go check out those two blogs! I'll be back tomorrow and I'll have stuff to link up for Finished Friday :) Waa hoo!

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Karen said...

Love your little birds. Ribbon would look nice or even a regular hook as it would keep the focus on the birds.