Monday, November 7, 2011


So what I have to share for right now is the fact that I won something from Sew Mama Sew! I don't know if you all go there at all but it's a great place to find all kinds of tutorials. This month they are doing a bunch of tutorials each day for things you can make for Christmas Gifts. You can comment on the posts and be entered to win stuff EVERY day. I don't even really remember commenting on anything :) When I checked my blog stats this morning I saw  that some of my traffic was coming from SMS. I clicked the link and it was to the winners page. I won a book all about machine and hand sewing, how cool is that? I love books so I'm cool with it. I also learned how to "tag" something on Facebook so that I could be entered to win a $20 gift certificate to Sew Mama Sew (yeah, they have a shop too). And in case anyone wants to find me on FB (I don't use it much) leave it in your comment and we can be "friends".  I'll be back later on to show you the scarf I've been working on.

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Karen said...

Congratulations on your win! It's always fun to get something free!