Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Lots'a waiting and not much to show..

Finally.. right? It seems that my desire to blog about stuff has also left with my crafting mojo, but here goes. This week has been a lot of thinking and not a lot of doin'. I've planned out the notebook cover so I guess all I need to do it get to cutting and making. I'm sure I'll get to it eventually. I did manage to get the other slipper done, so I have a pair. They were a little small for me so my Mom adopted them.

The one looks bigger but I think it's because the elastic is looser on that one.. They are just two layers of fleece, so they are pretty fluffy. Pretty nice around here, as you can see we have wood floors, in the whole house except for one room we don't use, and the kitchen. so we have cold feet in the winter.

The other thing I've managed to get done in the past few weeks were these scrubbies/round washcloths. I decided I needed some. You can't really tell but they are a super light pink cotton that I scored at the Goodwill for a whopping 99 cents!

The little one about 4 inches and the bigger ones are about 5 inches.

After I finished those guys I thought I would make a square washcloth but I got two rows into it and I though, "hey, that would make a cute bracelet" so that is what I made. I had a great button that I knew would be perfect! It worked out pretty good because there are two spaces to put the button through so if it needs to be tighter. Happy accident!

I kind of like it. Don't have a clue when I'd wear it but it's cute. I have some sparkly yarn that I got for my birthday so I might make a few with that, just for fun :)  I'm really going to try and get some stuff done by the end of this week, my goal is two things. That seems doable. We are not going anywhere for Thanksgiving so I don't even have to put on regular clothes if I don't want, and I only have to work tonight for a bit so I should be able to get two things done in the next three days. I hope everyone has a great Thanksgiving, unless you live somewhere that doesn't celebrate or already did, have a great rest of the week.. And here is a turkey picture. I mean I have to put one up right?? The one with her head up is Momma turkey and her baby who is not a baby anymore. I took this last week. Have a good one!

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Karen said...

Love the little slippers, they would be so warm and great to travel with.

Your turkey picture is beautiful. It's amazing how colorful they are even if they "blend" with their habitat.