Thursday, November 17, 2011

Totally random but in list form...

Today I am going random. I have nothing crafty to post about. I did make a slipper but haven't taken any pictures. I kind of hate making anything for the feet, because you have to make 2 of them..I sometimes don't have the attention span to do both. I digress.. here are the random things, I will try to at least keep them crafty.

1. I've decided I need a hooded cape. The backstory here is that I was really in love with the "Scoodie". Have you guys seen these? It's basically a hooded scarf, hence Scoodie I saw it on Happy Zombie, there is a tutorial and everything there. So anyways, I never made one. Today I was checking out Sew Liberated and she was doing a giveaway for an e-class. And the lady that hosts it was wearing this little capelette and I was like "I need to have one of those!!". So I might make one. It isn't very practical for MN mostly because I think I would freeze but I still love it a lot :)

2. I have so many things I'd like to get done for Christmas gifts. I had planned to start very early, about a month ago. But then my mojo flew off and now I'm thinking about things but just never doing them. I knew that I would be starting work again coming up after Thanksgiving so I was trying to get stuff going before then because I'm not sure when I'll be working. I guess I still have a week and a half to get some stuff done..

3. I made pizza in a frying pan tonight. Never done it? Try it, it's fast and tasty. I saw it on a local show, this guy used pre-made pizza dough and just fried it up. I didn't do it that way. Here's what I did.
-Get some Betty Crocker pizza dough, you just add water. You could homemade too.
-This stuff is sticky, so I floured it a bit and split it in 1/2 while in the bowl.
-Put some butter or oil in the frying pan and put it at medium heat ( I used butter but next time I will use oil because it handles the heat better), put your hunk of dough in there and press it out.
-Cover it and cook it for a few minutes, I flipped mine when it was brown on the bottom, also the crust will look kind of done on the up side, dry, like how a pancake gets.
-Flip it over, admire it. Then put the cheese on (it needs the heat to melt), cover it again till the cheese melts, then put the sauce and toppings on and cover it again till it's hot. I'd say you could get away with doing it regular style with the sauce first because it gets hot enough to melt the cheese. I kept checking my crust during this part because I didn't want to burn it, I don't so much love burnt food.
-Then eat it. It was so good.

4. I have no clue why I numbered my random things, does that make them less random? Or more randome because I felt the need to give it a number and add it to my list??

5. I really love Thanksgiving. I don't eat myself into a coma though, I hate that really full feeling. Makes me feel like I'll never eat again or that I might get sick.. Not cool. It also makes me miss my Grandma and Grampa, I loved going to the farm for holiday. I probably griped about going when I had to go but I wish that I could do it now. sigh..

6. I need some new blogs to check out. So leave me some links, they don't have to be crafty, just ones you enjoy.

7. I had to take a writing break to see if  "Steal the Bacon" was a real playground game. Yes, it is. Kind of like capture the flag. They had to have a debate about it on the news.. Apparently nothing else important happened today that they had to talk about some Canadian school banning "hard balls" on the playground.

Last but not least I'm going to post some links of the things I want to make.
*Ear bud holder, or just plain cute little zip pouch - Tutorial Here @ Dog Under My Desk
*Notebook covers from V and Co.
*Awesome pillow from Maybe Matilda over at Little Lovelies
I'd love to make that pillow but I probably never will, but I thought it was cool so I had to share..
If you're still reading after all this THANKS!! maybe some other day I will have some pictures to post, or at least something more entertaining.


Kari @ The Purple Quiltapotamus said...

I had to google the 'scoodie' they look super cool - can't wait to see your pictures when you up them up!

Cheree @ The Morning Latte said...

My favorite food blog:
A few others:

Going to google "scoodie" now...

Karen said...

When I'm in the mood to check out new blogs, I go to the ones I always read and check out their reading list. (If they have one.) There's always some blog I haven't read before and I wonder how I missed it in the first place. Going to go check out the ones you have listed.

SoMuchSugar said...

You are going to give the best x-mas gift's I am sure!

I have to get some of that pizza dough!! I love making homemade pizza but I never get the dough quite right... sometimes I end up making it just on regular bread or naan and that's just not the same.

(Thanks for your comments this week!)

Hope you are having a good weekend