Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Project Roundup!

Ok, here we go ya'll this is what I've gotten done this week (starting Monday thru today)
First up: This little thing. I used this tutorial to make it. I found it while following the 12 gifts of Christmas blog hop. Which was full of great things by the way. I'd encourage everyone to check out all 12! You can find the links to them all on the tutorial page.

Ok, the green is a sold green, it looks pretty weird in this picture. I took it after dark and had to adjust it so, it looks wonky. And the left side IS straight, not wonky.. I'm not that great at taking pictures of stuff.. is what it is :)
I really love this white fabric with the flowers! I bought it at Joann's like 2 years ago and haven't used any of it until now. I'm not sure what it is, but they had it in purple when I was there last month so I snatched some up. It's expensive though $8.99/'yard. I realize that there are fabrics out there that are A LOT more but to me it's expensive.

Next up: A new and improved iPod case! I'm pretty excited about it, it has velcro and a button hole on the bottom for the headphones. I made the buttonhole a little small but it works, I just have to work it to get the jack in.

The blue fabric is from Hancock, I don't know what it is because I only bought a little and there is no name, the grey is more of my Kona scraps.

Last up: I made this little guy.

Now there is a story here so if you don't want to hear it you can just skip past this part :) Cheree over at The Morning Latte has been doing giveaways of some great owl pincushions, you can see them in a bunch of posts over there. I enjoy her blog she has crafty stuff, food stuff, decorating stuff..all kinds of goodies..So anyways, I decided that I needed to have an owl pincushion (you know I love my owls) so last night I decided to draw it out and get at it! Cheree used a pattern she bought, and since I don't have any extra money right now, I couldn't justify buying the pattern, even though it was only $6.
All of these projects used up scraps and stuff I already had, so it worked out pretty well. I have a few other things I'm going to get done this week, while I have all kinds of craft mojo! I'm feeling pretty good because I've made three things in three days, I'm not sure that has ever happened. Tomorrow I'm going to post some cool bird ornaments I made and what ever I manage to get done tonight!! I'm linking up to Freshly Pieced!


The Sunflower Patch said...

Love all three projects you have finished this week. Especially the owl! What talent,you should make patterns and sell them :)

Cheree @ The Morning Latte said...

Aw, I love your owl! I think it's great you made your own pattern, too! I think if it wasn't right there at the shop, I might've done the same. It's so simple to make! You've been very productive! Hope I can say the same soon! Thanks so much for mentioning my blog! Wow!

Erin @ Missy Mac Creations said...

Cute owl. I've been drooling over them at Cheree's blog too. :)

Foolish Feathers said...

I simply love the owl, great job on it!

Karen said...

I totally missed out on the 12 Gifts of Christmas blog hop, thanks for sharing that. I'm going to check that out. Great projects! Love all 3 things, especially the ipod case.