Friday, May 25, 2007


Yippee its friday. I'm so glad- its a holiday weekend, that means I have a day off of work and I will get paid for it! And we are having lunch at work today, so free food, long weekend, and a paid day off. Thats pretty good around here. Plus, theres talk that we are gettin' some kind of bonus for being safe. Well, this week's Funky Photo is signs. And I have a story, but not a pic because I snoozed on it and didn't get the picture taken. There is a Mc'ds down the street from my work and I go past it a few times a week. And they have a sign on the road and they were advertising a new item and they were "cinnamen melts" and on the other side "cinnaman melts" maybe they used up all the o's for something else, but I thought it was funny. It stayed that way for about 2 weeks, no one ever fixed it. Maybe I was the only one who paid attention.. So I'm hoping to get out to the parks this weekend, its supposed to be nicer Sunday and Monday. I'm going to have to look for a sign or something, not that I'd be able to beat the "Pickle Dog" sign. I'm just trying to think of somewhere I could see something, maybe I'll have to make my own or something..I"ll figure it out.. Well, I think thats all for today I have some "work" to get done before we have lunch.. Then maybe I'll get to leave early and that would be so awesome. So everyone please be safe this weekend and don't drink and drive or any of that stupid crap.

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Heather said...

I love that! And I know Fo Shizzle isn't a sign, but it should be. I've had that stuck in my head for weeks! You got free lunch at work today and didn't invite me and O!? What kind of auntie are you!?