Thursday, May 3, 2007

All I can say is...

This is a shirt that I bought for my boyfriend. And I think it's SO funny and I thought that I would put it here. SO that others can laugh at it. That is the only picture that I have for today, I was busy with laundry and watching the Twins game last night, they lost in extra innings :( Oh well.. Play on! Hopefully I will get most of Owen's present done tonight, and then I can take my 1/2 day of vacation( I say vacation but its unpaid) tomorrow and then I will be able to sit around and get a tan or something totally unproductive like that (fun stuff)! I hope the weather will be nice so that I can do something outside, spiff up my car or something. Really, not being here is the only thing that really matters, I don't so much care what I'm doing. So, hopefully everyone else has a good weekend!

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