Wednesday, May 30, 2007

Oh well..

Well, now for my sad excuses..Do to the fact that I forgot basically everything this morning, except lunch. I have no pics to post. But tomorrow, I will remember! Memorial weekend, which was more like "labor" day because I busted my ass for 3 days! We built a raised vegetable garden, cleaned up the back yard, whacked weeds with our new whacker that is battery powered, SO nice! Mowed the lawn, dug for compost, Mom planted her plants.. and had to haul the dirt from the end of the driveway to the backyard and dump it into the new garden. Now in theory, this doesn't sound that difficult.. The first 10 loads wasn't so bad... Mom and I were both dead tired on Sunday night.. Still dead tired on Sunday, and I felt like crap and had a nap then the B/F came over and he's stronger then I am (as it should be) and we hauled a bunch more I know for sure 8 and then maybe like 5 or 6 more, I lost count.. But it was SO much easier with him because I just held then cart while he filled it up then I'd pull it around and "we'd" dump it in.. I say we because it looked like I was lifting it up but really he was doing all the work. I don't know if Mom and I could have done it as fast. We even had time to watch most of the Twins game. They beat the White Sox (Sux) and they beat them last night to- crushed them actually 10-2 Yippee! Let's see what else.. Not a whole lot really. I saw some lightning bugs (fireflies) whatever you want to call them, the other night while I was in the hot tub trying to soak away my hurting self, from ass busting. Wait, that sounds horrible, ass busting... Well, its funny so I'm leaving it. I'm going to try and look busy.. I've decided that I'm on what we like to call "a work slowdown" that's a story I will save for tomorrow.

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