Monday, May 21, 2007

Here are my flowers!

Well, its not friday anymore but I am going to post some flowers for "Funky Photo Friday"
These are some daisies that I grew a while back, last year I think.. But I love them!This is a hibiscus that we have in are garden, last year it got a whole bunch of flowers, and it was just beautiful. I hope that it is even better this year, it comes up SO late in the season that every year I convince myself that its dead.

Well, what else can I post, I wanted to post a pic of my felted skull coin purse WITH a zipper!! But I took pics of it and I thought that I kept the bast one, but I deleted them all- but I have some other stuff.. The first one is a shirt I made, I'm going to wear it to a show that I am going to in June. Maybe there will be some hip-hoppers that want to buy one from me.. that'd be cool.. make some $$ The second one is the toy box (that I haven't finished..yet!) and it isn't a great pic but it was at night in the breezway.. The word "treasure" is done in gold- SO its kinda cool..

I guess that's all I have for today, just stuff thats going on in my world.. If you're visiting from the photo blog, leave a comment so that I can visit you :)

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susy said...

The colour in the hibiscus is gorgeous, must look lovely in full bloom