Thursday, October 18, 2007

Blog #2 Pledgebank

So, I'm doing this Bowl-a-thon thing for Crisis Connection on the 27th and I found this cool website And for the bowling team we need to raise money, and I'm going to hit up people at work but I put a pledge on Pledge Bank to see if other people will donate money. Its just kind of neat, there are other things that aren't about money too. Check it out if you have a chance..


heather cronk said...

Thank you for using PledgeBank, Miranda! I hope you've found it useful, and please do continue to share the site far and wide!

Heather Cronk
U.S. Outreach Officer: PledgeBank
202-491-7240 :: Skype: hcronk

SoMuchSugar said...

Darlin'! What section/URL can I go to for donating towards PledgeBank MirandaBowl? (I can't give much but would be honored to give at least $15-20.) I looked at the site but can't find your team.