Thursday, October 4, 2007

Yippee!! Hockey!! How I've longed for your return!

So, here's the life=not so exciting.. There isn't a whole lot to write about.. This week at my house it's like animal junction..or half the arc. We have our "resident" cat, Dagwood (confined to one side of the house) and Lud (my sister and BIL's greyhound. Individually all three of these animals are wonderful (well, our cat is kind of a pain..well, a big pain sometimes...) But together they are just a lot of work...The resident cat has the opposite side of the house as Dag, she has my room, the spare room. hallways and the bathroom. Lud is the luckiest of them all he gets the living room, dining room, kitchen, and the breezeway.. Plus, the outside.. But its just a bunch of baby gates to keep them all separated..However, Dag is a little climber those baby gates are just an invitation for him to climb, or jump over them by getting on the desk..I guess when you only weigh 6 lbs these things are a lot easier (jumping and climbing). Plus, our cat is mean and she isn't warming up to Dag, but with the dog being there it makes it harder to try and get them to be friends.. On the other side of this, Dags tumor in his mouth is getting bigger.. It makes me very sad to know that one day it will kill him..I guess I try not to think about it.. Even though I find myself thinking about it when I go in there to see him. But I'm working on a little round "blanket" or thing for him to sleep on..I'm hoping to finish it today ..I'll take some pics and maybe I can remember to post them tomorrow. The other thing that I've done is made a felted skull. Its a pattern that I got off of the Lionbrand website.. I like skulls so I saw it had to make it.. Its pink.. What else...hmmm.. There really isn't much else. BUT- The 2007-2008 hockey season started last night and tonight my lovely MN Wild play and I'm so excited.. So here is the thing, the blond is SO cute, how could you not want to watch him?? I mean really..He's cute.. He's Mikko Koivu (me-ko koi (like the fish)- vu) He's from Finland.. Anyways, the dark guy He's Derek Boogaard..The "Boogieman" he's what they call an enforcer.. He's the guy that will kick your ass! He's 6"7'. 258 lbs.. I'm like 5"2' He's pretty cute too, just not that much in the picture. Derek and his brother hosted a Hockey fight camp this summer, and it made news of the weird even.. He is from Canada.. He doesn't play all the time, since the ass kicking is hard work.. but I hope they win.. GO WILD!

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SoMuchSugar said...

Awww, poor Dags. He will really like that blanket you make for him, I am sure. I'm so sorry; that is so sad. (Cute players there!)