Thursday, October 18, 2007

Plunk your magic twanger Froggy!

Ok, so I find this totally funny. Apparently they used to say it on a show my Mom watched when she was a kid. Ok, so let me tell you's..Blah. Yesterday was Weds. and the day before that was Tues. (like you didn't know that, I know) but Weds is bowling night (even notice that bowl is "blow" with the letter rearranged?) So Tues night is filled with ritual type things that need to be done B4 Weds. I have to make sure I clean my bowling ball (yes, I clean it) and then I have to make sure that my nails are clipped so that I don't break any (which usually happens anyways) and that I have all this stuff in a place where I won't forget to bring it with me to work. Well, yesterday I was all set to leave work and then have some time to waste before bowling to go to JoAnn's and buy crafting junk that I'm positive I NEED but that I probably don't. So then I'm working and its like 2:30pm and I burn myself (Silent scream and jumping up and down, then silent swearing) Now let me tell you, I work with HOT glue..which is like cold glue but its M-Fing HOT! So now I have a hu-mong-o (who knows how to spell that??) blister and one little on right on my knuckle. So then I was like well maybe I won't bowl because its on a vital bowling finger..but then I remember that my team is weird and if I wouldn't have gone we would have had to forfeit and I didn't want that, we're already in last place. But on the up side, I had 2 really great games 147 and 169 those are my best two games all season. The first game I didn't even break 100, which sucks because I could have raised my average a little..but oh well.. So then this morning I had to basically use one hand while I was taking a shower, and I'm a putz in the shower anyways because it helps get rid of all my various aches and pains.. So I was behind to begin with and then B/F calls me at like 9 or a little b4 and I just sat around and talked to him, I didn't really want to come to work anyways so that just made it worse..So, since I didn't get here till 9:45 it makes the time go really fast, hell it's almost lunch time.. haha. I probably wouldn't be able to work some where that I had to be there on time and actually had more than 10 minutes worth of work to do. Here I'm so spoiled, technically I have a boss, but he's all the way up in the office and I'm out in the plant..he's not going to come back here to see if I get to work on time (again making it worse). I should only get like 30 minutes for lunch and it takes me that long to get around to eating my lunch..And if my sister and the baby come then its like I could never go back! And if I want a day off or hours off (which I DO NOT get paid for) I just say to the guy I work with "I'm leaving early" or something similar..So I complain but I'm spoiled. Its most likely because I find this place very unfufilling, I like the people and the work is OK but I'm educated and I should be doing more than this.. I guess I could spend another hours rambling about crap but I won't. And today is one of the few days that I have like 30 minutes worth of work.. So. ya'll have a great Thursday and maybe someone will see the sun and report back to me (Kim, I'm sure you always see the sun, lucky duck) I have sun envy...wah, wah, wahhh

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SoMuchSugar said...

OH my god, I don't care... let me know if you are hiring!!!