Monday, October 15, 2007

Blog Action Day!

Well, if you didn't know, now you know! Today is Blog Action Day. Today people are supposed to blog about the environment. In which ever way they want. If you want more info you can go to and register your blog (so they know about how many ppl are choosing to blog about the environment today). Here 's what I'm going to talk about. Something I'm pretty into, RECYCLING! I think that is such a cool thing. I try to recycle anything they will let me throw in the bin. We even recycle our shredded stuff, you just put it in a paper bag and close it up and they take it.. woo hoo. Not much work there! The cans and stuff go to the church, they use them as a way to make $$. This day was not something that I even knew about until I was reading the paper at lunch today and it was on the front of the paper.. SO I read the article and I thought "why not" so here I am. I encourage my readers (all 3 of you, 2 with blogs) to put a little something on your blog about the environment. There are SO many resources out there to help you determine what and how to recycle in you area. Most of the time this will be on a county's main web page. I know that is how it's set up on my county's web site. I only have a short time to blog but I wanted to just do something.. Thanks for reading and if you decide to participate, the earth thanks you!


SoMuchSugar said...

Didn't know that about today; very cool! I am going to make a conscious effort to abide by our recycling-shutes/bins. We even have a compost-recycling-bin, which is a pain but I am going to DO IT! xoxoxo

Heather said...

I didn't know in time to post about it! I guess I need to read the paper!