Monday, November 26, 2007


Well, its been awhile since I've posted and there are many things that have contributed to this, none of which are my own doing. Work is stupid, and even when they are trying to do something good it usually turns to crap and results in someone not being able to do something.. That someone is me, and they were trying to give me a new computer...Well, they (the techs who get paid 3x what I do) didn't hook it up right so I wasn't able to log on to the network which meant to work.. That was find for the end of last week when I didn't have any work to do anyways..But this week I do, and now finally I am able to get things done. But enough about that stupid stuff.

Thanksgiving was fine, there was just 4 of us but it was fine. We managed to break another shredder somehow yesterday so I had to return the one that I bought 2 weeks ago, that was fun...I did a little shopping, but not on Friday.. I felt like I should just because the news was talking about it and slamming me with so much information, but I resisted and stayed home. I don't really remember anything that I did besides doing a little shopping on Saturday... Sunday I made some Christmas ornaments, one with Owen picture in it and one with Dagwood's.. Ohh, and I made a hat. I have pictures of all this but I really don't feel like getting the camera out and the USB and DLing them so maybe I will do it tomorrow..

This week is going to be fun! Because on Friday we are going to the WILD game, it will be a first for 2 of us. SO I hope they win and that its a good game. I'm going to record it so that I can see if we make it on TV! That would be cool! Other than that I don't have anything else going on this week, besides bowling..I think. I'm never sure when its my turn to bowl. I'm trying to slowly get my Christmas shopping done, I don't have very many to buy for so I never get stressed out or anything. I just have Owen and Mitch, the two little guys, Mom, Sister, BIL, B/F, and my uncle.. And I have some stuff for the little ones already, B/F got his hockey ticket so now its just the other peeps. The scary thing is that its only 4 weeks until Christmas! Where does the time go? It just seems to slip away, it seems like just a few days ago it was my birthday, and just a few days before that it was Owen's birthday..Those things happened months ago..
Well, I have some work to get done, so I hope that everyone had a great Turkey Day. I'll see ya'll later!

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SoMuchSugar said...

I am back at work too right now, and HATING it... HATE it! Anyway, I am glad you had a nice time on the break!! Good luck shopping -- I have to tackle that myself this week, and just get it over with!! BLAH!