Friday, November 9, 2007

Just try and stick to the schedule, OK!

3:00 pm, leave work, drive fast!

3:20 pm, Arrive home, do a drive by of autograph site. Not that many people!

3:25 pm, Call from B/F still at work. Wait for him!

3:30 pm, wait...brush the cat to pass the time..

3:40 pm, wait, check to see if I can see B/F down the road, nope..

3:45 pm, Yippee he's here..

3:50 pm, Can we leave, I mean I'm ready to go.. We leave..Finally!

4:00 pm, We made it (2 miles) drive around gas station parking lot..3 times.. park!

4:05 pm, inside the store, call D from work to tell him it's filling up fast..Get kicked out of store with like 50-60 other people...

4-5 pm, wait around and make small talk with other weirdos waiting in line..

5-5:13 pm, get in get autograph, get to car! All done..

But at this time I see that I am pretty much blocked in by 8 other cars.. but I have a pretty small car so I'm thinking that I'm going to have to "Austin Power's it" which is a term I use because there is that point in the movie where he is trying to turn the cart around in the hallway and he's gotta go back an forth a million times. But luckily the guy that was parked in front of me was awesome and pulled out so that I could move. Then I went home and had a burrito.. Very fulfilling day! Here are some pictures!!
So these are my things from last night. I bought the sign, because it was really the only thing that I could find that seemed autograph appropriate..Meaning that it won't bleed or get washed or anything else. it just gets hung up on the wall. The B/F thinks that we should start going to more of these signing and get it all signed up, I thought that seemed like a cool idea.. The first one is me trying to take the picture and the cat (who is sure she's the center of the universe) because she wouldn't get out of the way.. Then one with out the cat and then one close up. That's a pretty big rip of a signature if you ask me. But what do I know?
Well, this weekend I don't have a lot going on but tonight the B/F and I are going to a concert at First Avenue. We are going to see Atmosphere and some other semi-local guys. Its your typical night club I guess.. So I'm looking forward to it since we haven't been to a show in a few months. We used to go ALL the time, big waste of $$ if you ask me. But it doesn't start until 9pm and that's usually about the time I start getting ready for bed, so I'm going to have to get a nap in b4 we go. I think I'm going to bring my camera though so maybe I'll have some awesome pictures on Mon..or when ever I get around to posting them. Then Saturday Mom and I are going shopping for Crocs...I don't have a pair, she has 2 pair, my sister has a pr and even little Owen has a pair..So will the BIL, provided we can find the right size..I'm thinking I will wear them to work :) Well, this post has taken me about 4 shifts to write and its getting close to go time so hope ya'll have a great weekend!


Heather said...

Way cool that you got the autograph. I don't know who the dude is but hey, that don't matter!

SoMuchSugar said...

(Cool autograph!) Oh my god it has been a long time since I've been to a nightclub... I have got to get back!! You are so cool. (I am having a burrito too... mmmm what a perfect dinner sometimes!)