Tuesday, November 13, 2007

bathROOM with a view...

Huh? What's that? A bathroom with a view? you betcha!

OK, so the picture isn't that great but as you can see, its a picture of the street from an upper level window. Well, this is a picture I took in a bathroom stall.. Why the hell would you take a picture in the bathroom you ask? Because I thought it was very funny. I could have mooned the whole street! Now, I did not go into this windowed stall on purpose, it was just that when I went to the show on Friday I went into the bathroom and this girl (the only other one in there, with like 10-15 stalls) was running around trying to find one she liked or something I don't know she was probably wasted. I was not! But I went in and shut the door and then I realized that one side was all windows and thought it was very funny...So that's that.

And these are my Crocs! They are called "Mammoth" and they are lined with fuzzy stuff. They are hot, as you can see a little bit of ankle sticking out, because I am wearing no socks.. I could never wear socks with these.. I've had to take my feet out a few times to let them get some air.. They are an early Christmas present from my Mom. :)

I would have posted all this stuff yesterday but I was covering for the stupid-ass that I work with..He was "sick" whatever! I was pissed. I don't really get super mad about stuff.. I just don't for whatever reason. But it was a slow day and so then I wasn't as pissed, plus I decided that I was taking Friday off. haha, jack-ass! That is my little revenge. I mean I try not to talk to him or start any conversations with him because he drives me nuts, he knows everything (according to him) but really he knows nothing..He thinks that "irregardless" is a word...And that something can be "to inconclusive" ..I'm going to leave it at that..And he thinks that because he had a computer programming class like 20+ years ago- he knows everything about computers too.

I guess I had a good weekend. Friday we went to the show, we got in pretty much right away because we had tickets, and then we just hung out till the show started.. I was actually kind of bored, maybe I was tired or something I don't know but it wasn't a whole ton of fun. B/F is on the street team for this record labelthat was hosting the show so he handed out some flyers and stuff. He also snagged autographs from a bunch of people. But about 1AM I was all "I'm bored" so then we left. he was a little disappointed too. I'm glad that the tickets were only $16 and parking was $4. But I got a cool shirt. I like tour shirts. I guess I don't really have anything else and since I am a day behind at work (this is a time where I am actually busy) I should get back at it but here's a pic to make you say "awww" For some reason he was very still while I was taking pictures of us hanging out on the couch, and wouldn't smile for me. It's still cute.
So, see you all later. I'm off to earn my $$

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SoMuchSugar said...

I think that is funny too!! (Would be funnier if you DID moon the street; but, you know, I would not do that either :))

AND WHat a cute pic at the end!! I am going "awww" all over the place. You are so pretty!

Good for you for taking Friday off. Revenge is awesome -- especially these 'little' ones!!

(I wish I could have long hair like you! But mine gets too curly and fuzzy and all over the place if I don't stick to the Shirley-MacLaine-do.)