Tuesday, June 5, 2007

Hello Tuesday!

Pretty flowers! These are growing in our garden and they are so pretty, I took these this a.m. before I left for work.

Here is a picture that I took the other night and I thought that it would count as a landscape for the Funky Photo. I have other ones but this is the one for now. I have a few vacation pictures that are pretty cool. If you think this "landscape" looks familiar it is- it's my yard(provided that you have seen my yard before, obviously) minus two HUGE elm trees that were cut down in the fall. We think that they had dutch elm disease. So if you see the pots on the left side, there used to be a tree there and then if you go across to the right, where there is a black line that used to be a tree.. Well I think thats all I have for now, maybe for today, I have lots of work to get done.


ladylinoleum said...

Gorgeous flowers to be sure!

hannie said...

lovely flowers! And every thing is so green! I'm from Australia and we are currently in a drought so every thing is an awful shade of brown!