Tuesday, June 26, 2007

Too HOT Tuesday!

Holy, freaking hot batman. I think even he would let Gotham City burn if it was this HOT! Let's see, this weekend was also hot, and yesterday was too. Over the weekend I spent time in the garden and went to St. Paul to check out the old cars that were out for Back to The 50's weekend. We did it the free way and just parked along the road and watched them. Here are some of the cool cars that we saw. The red one is a corvette and it has the biggest back tires I've ever seen! You can't really see it in the pic, but when I took the pic I didn't know they were huge until it got up the road, but even though it isn't a great pic I like how its a vette and the flag is flying in the background..

I love old cars, any kind of old car, I mean if its all nice and shiny. Plus, I love the way they sound, new cars are SO quiet, there is no growl, no muscle under the hood. I'd make the noise, but you can't hear it anyways, so its kind of pointless. And I was only going to post a few but I like them so I'm going to post more.

And here are my little pumpkins, which are actually even bigger now, because I took these a few days ago. But I'm still so excited, if you look around the pic you'll see how weedy it is around them, that's why I spend so much time weeding... Well, I guess I should get to work. So I hope you've all enjoyed my pics. See ya later!


Anonymous said...

Great pictures!

SoMuchSugar said...

hello! I'm so happy to have discovered your blog; thank you for your notes! I read through some of your past posts this morning, very cool. I love your photos too. It is so different for me to read about all that, being here where there are NO gardens for me to speak of, so I look forward to reading more! I wish I could at least grow some basil or something. (P.S. what is 'ladder ball'?)

Heather said...

Sissy those car pictures are so cool! I would loved to have seen them. I haven't been able to get Morgan to go see old cars with me. Great little pumpkins. Did you tell Morgan about the compost tea? He'd probably be interested in that.