Monday, June 11, 2007


Else happy that it's Monday? For some reason, I am? Fever you ask?? Nope, no fever! Just in a good mood today, and hey I'll take it. So let's see..Well, my garden is growing (yippee). I measured the few beans that are coming up and they were both about 2 3/4 inches tall, they looked taller today. And, I bought a new bike this weekend. And here it is!

Its a green Diamondback. I haven't really had a ton of time (or energy) to really get out and ride it, I"m still getting it adjusted to where I like it. But it is nice to have a bike that isn't WAY to small for me.

This is one of my beans. It wasn't all folded up like this when I peeked at them before I left for work. If you've never grown beans, the pole kind, it is so much fun. And the beans are pretty good, better than frozen. I'm hoping the peas do well, I"m most excited about those. And I've started a couple of pumpkin seeds in a dish, just to see if something happens with them.
I did a lot this weekend. I went to a concert on Friday night, then on Saturday we went bike shopping. Then B/F helped me put together the frame for this yard game I'm building. Its called Polish Horseshoes. And then my sister, BIL,and Owen came over and we had steaks and played some ladder ball. I'm sure that Heather will post pics of all the excitement on her blog. Then we went to Home Depot to get some plywood, for the horseshoes. But I'm a tool and got washers that are bigger than what I supposed to get, I need 2.5 inch but I thought I needed 3 in- so maybe I'll take them back- plus the spray paint I bought is crap its really powdery and even comes off of paper- which it should stick to! Then I tried to just relax a bit on Sunday, just did laundry, watched my Twins win and dinked around with my bike and rode it around in the driveway and the yard and stuff. Plus, it was HOT yesterday and I was tired from the other days so my energy was low... Well, I think that's all I have for today, the Photo challenge for this week is close ups, so I have to think of something to take pics of.. So, I hope that everyone has a great day and is in a good mood!


Heather said...

No action shots up on my blog yet! I've got to do some resizing! I think you need to do some close-ups of stuff in the lab!

Miranda said...

Hmm, I took some of some glue in a platter, its all swirly and stuff it looks cool..Maybe I'll post it.