Wednesday, June 13, 2007!

Gather round' to see my pics.. Well, besides the glue pictures, I took some other pictures for the Funky Photo.

The first one is my foot, I thought that it looked cool for some reason, ignore the fact that I need a new paint job :P. Then there is the cat, she isn't a very good subject because when she gets where I want her to be, she moves! And the light isn't the best but I liked that about them. The other one is of the peonies that I cut and I just think they look cool squished together and I liked the shadow of the pointy petals on the pink petals. I finally got to take my bike out for a little ride last night, even though it was warm out. Its been in the 90's here for the past 4 days..makes it hard to want to do anything outside. The bike is pretty nice, I'm not used to it so it feels kinda weird, kind of like a new car. Things work and feel differently. But I'm cool with that, as long as it doesn't make my ass hurt! My goal is to start riding to B/F's house, which is only about a mile from my house. There really is no reason for me to drive over there to hang out, especially if we are not going to go anywhere that requires the car. I really feel like it is a waste.

These pictures I took this morning. We have a major set (one of the only) of railroad tracks behind the building and a lot of times there are interesting things coming in (or going out I guess) on the tracks and I saw these giant spools and I thought that they looked pretty cool. Just sitting there. I don't know what is on them but they are huge.

Well, I'm going to get some work done. but tomorrow I will be posting some more pictures of my garden. It is grown so much since the last time. Ya'll have a good day- Ohh BTW my Twins won last night , against the Braves. So, GO TWINS!


Lynn said...

Great photos! Love the one of the cat's eye.

Heather said...

Those toes look familiar! I didn't realize how much our feet look alike. Chloe is a tough subject. And I love the peonies.
I might have to come and do some RR track photos at your work!