Wednesday, June 20, 2007

Wowwy Wednesday!

Howdy, well its weds and I'm just tired today, didn't get enough sleep last night. SO that means that I have even less desire to be here- and on a normal day its pretty low. On the upside we had free pizza from the warehouse we use to store stuff. I think it just made me more tired. Oh, well. Let's see- nothing new really, I don't have any pictures to post or anything but maybe I will take some tonight so you can all see how huge my pumpkins are getting, they have two sets of leaves now and they are probably 3-4 inches high. I find it really interesting to watch them grow, but I have to get the area weeded so that they can spread out, and they might spread A LOT! And its pretty much all weeds back there, so that stinks- but it will be worth it if I get two pumpkins, so I can have one and Owen can have one. If I get more than that I am going to try and sell them, I mean what's better than a locally grown and chemical free pumpkin? Now that I'm thinking about it, I'd rather be home in the sunshine watching my pumpkins grow. At least I would be getting some enjoyment out of that. I mean I'm sure I could take a nap and then get most of the back area weeded. But I'm getting paid to be here and look like I'm working hard on something, which I am, my blog! Plus, lunch was so damn early that now my schedule is all messed up!!! I have this hour to kill between my lunch and going in the lab to cover LB's lunch! And I've decided that I'm going to have to re-plant some of my stuff because not all of them have grown- So, thinking of all this stuff is making me want to go home..blah! Well, I've been working on this game "Polish Horseshoes" its a washer game and you toss the washers into holes on a board and you get points.. Its fun, maybe I will take some pics of that too. That's all I have for now, I'm going to play with glue, yippee! Something totally unrealated to anything, I only had ONE misspelled word, go me!

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