Monday, June 18, 2007

How does your garden grow?

Mine grows FAST! The first pic is of my pumpkins. Aren't they cute! I took that pic on Saturday, about a week after I started them, one of the seeds I soaked for most of the day and the other one I didn't because it was an after thought, I didn't think that they would grow. Let me tell you the story. Two years ago, the B/F and I went and bought a pumpkin. And I saved the seeds from it and I sort of followed some instructions on how to save the seeds, I washed them and then put them on some newspaper to dry (FOR TWO YEARS) then I pretty much forgot about them. And this year I was all "hey, I'm going to see if they will grow" and they did. So now back to the original story. They just popped out of the dirt, its been so hot and dry here and now they are working on the second set of leaves, I took pictures of them but they didn't look as good as I thought they did. So just picture them in the ground and bigger :)

This pretty little flower is a gazania (might be spelled wrong), my Mom really likes these little flowers, and we have never had a pink one, only orange and yellow, both of which are pretty. But I liked this on and thought that I would share it.
The cat, is not mine, its the neighbor's brother's cat, his name it Dagwood, I call him Dag. He only has a nub of a tail, and he meows a lot. But now his owner is gone, because they got into a fight about something, who knows. But the neighbor made him leave and he left the cats, one of which lived in our garage for like 3 days. I don't know where that one is, I think in the other garage. Dag is a helper, likes to follow you around the yard and talk to you. I was pretty sure he was going to jump in the car with me this morning. I feel bad for him though, because he's all alone and he's a good cat. So we feed him and leave water for him, and pet him till we figure out if his owner is coming back for them. I didn't really do very much this weekend, because it was like 90+ degrees and humid and just plain gross outside. Hung out, did laundry, and tried to stay inside until like 8pm when it started to cool off (barely) and I did go for a few short bike rides. Hopefully, my pumpkins will grow like crazy and then I can sell them along with my veggies. I know nothing about pumpkins and since these were farm pumpkins and I have no idea how big the get or how anything. I know that they are a vine, along the ground. That's all I know. So maybe I'll have to do a little searching so that I know what I'm getting myself into. Of course, I will keep you all updated on that. Well, I think that's all I have for today..

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