Wednesday, January 16, 2008

100 posts!

Happy 100 little blogger! Well, the Hockey Unplugged last night was OK. I guess I was mostly just bored. The B/F didn't go with me (big surprise there) because he wasn't feeling well. And I told him that next time, I wasn't going to ask him to go with me. So, too bad for him. This time it was in a bar and I just sat at the bar, i was lucky though because some guy who knew everyone there sat next to me and some of us around the bar just chatted. But I'm not really so into the talking to strangers..I mean I don't start up the conversations..But I'll talk if they talk. And the marketing girls that help run the stuff are so snotty, I wanted to just say "If all these people weren't here, you wouldn't have a damn job. SO how about you try not being a bitch". I worked at Target for 5+ years and people would be rude and ask stupid questions and all kinds of stuff but I don't ever remember being outright rude to them. I mean I'd tell others about them but never said anything to them. I just don't understand. I can be rude, but its usually when I'm really irritated and don't feel like dealing with people. If I had a cool job like working for the MN Wild and being part of all these events, I wouldn't be rude to people. Moving on..

I took some pictures but didn't get them on my flash drive so I can't post them.. I guess that's all I have. Happy Wednesday, tonight's bowling so hopefully I will have a good night and raise my average, my team has shot up to 3rd place (out of 10 teams). If we can stay there we'll get a trophy, I don't have one of those.


SoMuchSugar said...

I know what you mean -- I can't start up conversations either, but usually can talk pretty well if someone else starts it him/herself!!

(I can't understand rude people. I HATE those 'marketing' girls I sometimes run into at bars, etc! They suck.)

Hope bowling was fun last night (& hope work is better today!!)

Heather said...

Next time I will go with you. And when people are rude you just need to be REALLY nice and they usually get the hint. Unless they are stupid. Then they don't.