Thursday, January 3, 2008

Hockey Unplugged Recap!

So, the plan was for B/F and I to go to this deal..But he didn't want to go for whatever reason, so I went alone. I'll give you the break down
5:15 - Call the Mermaid and find out what the hell is going on, talk to this awesome guy who gave me all the info and where to go and how many people were there.
5:26 - Leave the house and drive like crazy to get there because they were up to 150 people!
5:30 something - Get there and park, go in, I'm number 164! Woo hoo!
5:30 something till 7pm- Sit around and people watch..and play this game and win something called a "coozie" which is like a can cooler but its for a bottle..It looks like a WILD jersey. I thought it was pretty cool. Plus, I called to talk to B/F and give him one more chance to join me, no luck. Oh well.
7-8 pm - Questions from the audience and host about different stuff, it was pretty funny.
Then after that I had to wait until my group of numbers was called to get in line for my autographs, these two guys were so nice and looked at you and smiled and talked, plus they were both cute, so that was even better!
So even though I had to go alone I had fun, but then I was tired when I came home. There is supposed to be another one coming up and maybe I'll go to that one too.
AND here is something very cool! I was trying to figure out if this "Hockey Unplugged" is on TV or the radio or something and on the second or third page of Google results, there was the little Craft Bot, because I put it in my labels, SO COOL! SO from now on I will be labeling all my posts with lots of labels, hehehe! Have a great Thursday!

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SoMuchSugar said...

"coozie"? Sounds so dirty!!
(I will have to remember that later though!) :)