Wednesday, January 2, 2008

Happy New Year!

Well, Happy New Year. I have no "resolutions" I think that's kind of dumb. Tonight I am going to meet a few WILD players. These two guys

They are the goalies. They are taping a show called "Hockey Unplugged". I'm even skipping bowling to go see them. Ironically, they are going to be at a bowling center for the taping of the show..Weird huh?
Let's see, my new years time off wasn't very exciting. Friday and Saturday I don't really remember doing anything..Oh, B/F and I went shopping and I bought a new WILD shirt and he bought me some WILD decals. And I hit up Target to check out the clearance crap (for the 2nd time). Sunday B/F and I went ice skating at a park kind of close to where we live. The weather wasn't bad it was about 18 degrees out. I did a lot better than I thought I would considering its been 10+ years since I skated last. Then on New Year's Eve B/F, sister and BIL and I went to the "Roseville Oval" for the New Year's skate. It was a lot of fun. I really didn't want to go but it was mostly my idea and everyone else wanted to go so I went. I even went out and bought some new snow type pants because my other ones are to tight and I can't wear enough under them to stay warm. They were OF COURSE toooo long so I had to do some quicky alterations, that was a joy! But it was cool, it cost $5 and you could skate for like 8 hours and they had a fire outside and prize drawings and all kinds of stuff. We stayed for a few hours, I think the guys could have stayed all night long. Then we went home and had some steaks and watched the hockey game ( they lost). Then I went to bed about 10pm. Yesterday B/F and I went to Wal-Mart and watched some hockey and then later on Mom and I went to Gander Mountain and Target (again) because I was bummed that when I went there before I didn't buy this plastic T-Ball set they had, I thought that Owen would like it..But they still had 2 left at 75% off and that was great because I bought one for Owen and one for B/F's nephew who is 2 1/2. And even if they both hate it they were only $1.49! I love clearance shopping! Then we went to Wendy's. We tried to go to Culver's but apparently they like their employees and were closed.
So, today I am back to stupid-ass work and its cold out (like in the negatives) but this weekend they say it's going to get up into the high 30's maybe even 40 (awesome) and B/F and I are going to go skating again. Which he is totally on board with because he loves it and he's pretty darn good at it, and it feels good to do things you are good at!
I'm pretty sad now though because we don't get a day off work until May, but I'm going to use my paid vacation and take some days off! hope everyone had a great and safe New Years!


SoMuchSugar said...

I am so jealous of you having a Target nearby. I LOVE TARGET!!

Glad your New Year's was fun! xoxo

Miranda said...

Well..I don't so much "like" Target as I worked there for over 5years and my last boss was an ass and I quit because of him...So I'm just a "little" bitter about the whole thing...