Friday, January 4, 2008

Time waster??

Me? No way! I'd never waste time, especially at work, where I am here to do a job.. I've decided that in the interest of being caught up I'm going to work today. Try to hold back the gasps! I am a few weeks behind and I've had part of a day to get myself caught up and I didn't get very far. So besides the time it takes me to post and such I'm going to try and get caught up with some junk. No blurfing for me :( I know its sad, but I'll make it. I really do have a bunch of things to do but I managed to find the time to add something called a "Cbox" to my blog, I'll see how it goes and maybe it will be cool. Just one more user name and PW to remember. I have whole little notebook full of them. I'm going to start making them all the same. Like do I really care if some stranger signs into any one of the 1,000 things I've signed up for? No, not really!
Well, I don't have any huge plans for this weekend. I think B/F and I are going to go skating. The weather geeks say it is going to get up to 37 tomorrow so I think it will be fun, then I won't have to wear 3 layers of clothing.
I would just like to announce the fact that winter is dry and it sucks! Basically all of my skin is dry and it itches, not that anyone cares but I just had to get it out there!! I'm so glad for this weekend when there is going to be some moisture in the air. Ok, enough of that!
Other than skating I'm making a pair of fleece blue camo pants for Owen. I have so much fleece that I'm doing nothing with so I might as well make him something. I'll have to get around to putting the camera software on this computer so that I can put up some pictures. Hmm.. Well, the longer I draw this out, the less time I will have to work (yea) but I don't really have much else to write about. So I guess I will stop. Enjoy the new stuff, tell all your friends. Have a great weekend! Oh I almost forgot, my MN WILD kicked Dallas' ass last night, haha, that's payback baby!

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