Tuesday, January 15, 2008

Yippee! Hockey Players!

Today is a good day. Tonight I am going to "Hockey Unplugged"! This one is in Minnetonka, I think I've been there 2 times in my life. I map-quested it and it doesn't look hard to get too. As of now B/F is going with me, we'll see what actually happens. Tonight it's these two guys.
Mikko Koivu

Branko Radivojevic

I'm hoping that we get there early enough and that its fun and the B/F goes with me. I feel like kind of a tool just sitting around with no one to talk to or anything. But I guess I could bring something to look at if he doesn't go. This time I am going to bring my camera and not bring my purse. Because last time I didn't bring the camera (wished I had the whole time) and I brought my stupid purse (trying to figure out why the whole time) so then I can have some pics to post, and this time I'm sitting closer than I did last time, and not in the middle. But it's at a restaurant/bar place so we could have something to eat or whatever.
Honestly, I don't really have anything else to post. Pretty bored today, I mean I have plenty of things I could be doing but really what's the point....If I don't get it done I'll just get an email asking me about it and then I will do it and no one will care :P Have a great day!

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