Friday, January 11, 2008

Yeah, so I'm still here...

So, its Friday. And I am here- still feeling like shit. Yippee! And I have been really working this week. I really have no where to put any of my stuff since I have 1 flipper cabinet (standard cube issue) and 1 3 drawer roller.. So today my boss is gone and I just unloaded a bunch of stuff to his office. Hopefully, he won't even know and I won't have to take it back :) I do have pictures for you all today. These are the "canstruction" pictures I said I would post like 3 months ago or something. Please forgive the quality, and blame it on the Blackberry :P

SO the first one is a stadium made of cans, it really was pretty cool. The second one is a pumpkin with a cauldron (with flames) and that was my favorite. The last one is a bus, still pretty cool.

Now for the hockey talk! Last night my MN WILD played the Detroit Red Wings. The have only won 2 games against them out of like 15 or 16 (something like that) and they managed to get the lead in the 1st period and then it was back and forth after that. In the 3rd period Detroit scored on them with about 1 1/2 minutes left in the game. And I was all "ok come on guys, score a goal" and they did! They went in to OT tied at 5 and it stayed that way. So they had a shoot out, which I love and can't watch sometimes! But Josh Harding (who I met) blocked 2 of the shots and only let them get one goal in the S.O. But good 'ol Brian Rolston scored a goal, I think because he has a nasty slap-shot that people try to get out of the way. But then Marian Gaborik scored his first ever shoot out goal. Way to go Gabby!! I had to both look away and mute the TV during the S.O. I'm such a pansy! But I love me some hockey. Next week I will have something new and fun to post, so stay tuned for that.
This weekend should be a fun one, B/F and I might go out to eat tonight @ Buffalo Wild Wings, plus there is more hockey. Then we might go to the mall. And I think tomorrow night we are going skating again. It really is fun, even though he likes to play hockey, and I just skate alone, its still nice, he makes sure I'm all OK and we smile and stuff when I go past him. Hmm, I guess I don't have anything else worth typing. So hope everyone has a great weekend!!

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