Wednesday, January 23, 2008

Just Wednesday..again..

Ahh, good old hump day. I wonder why they call it that..I guess I don't much care. Let's see, I'm trying to think of my last post and I can't remember a damn thing about it...Ok, so last post was boring. So I'll try and jazz it up a little bit. I see that someone stopped by my Cbox, however I have no idea who it is, but Thanks! Well, I am excited for this weekend because it is going to be in the 30's here and B/F and I are going to go ice skating. What sucks is that his little nephew who is 2 1/2 has strep throat.. How shitty is that. Well, B/F watches him during the week, and his parents just figured out that he has strep. B/F has never had strep (lucky duck) and so I'm hoping that he doesn't get it. Mainly because I don't want it, I've had it, it sucks. And I don't want any of my people to get it.

Moving on. My 1st place MN WILD lost to the Flames last night. Oh well. I haven't been doing jack shit lately. Last weekend it was COLD! So we didn't do much B/F and I went to Applebee's for dinner, which let me tell you was a giant rip off. It used to be that we could go out to eat for like 20 bucks but not anymore. It was $35 for 2 of us! And we didn't have any drinks or anything, a glass of pop is $2.29! Not that we go out to eat at those places that often so it wasn't a big deal, but it just bugs me, the quality gets worse, the food gets smaller, and the service gets worse but the price goes up..If someone could explain that to me, that would be awesome.

Let's see, I'm hoping (for real this time) to take a couple of days off next week. So then I can get some shit done (that's code for sitting around in my PJ's and sleeping on the couch). I'd like to get my room cleaned up and the photo printer hooked to the lap top and I have to finish Owen's pants before he is to big for them..I'm hoping to get that done this week though, all I have to do is put the elastic in, which would take about 10 minutes. And next week there is another Hockey Unplugged, and I'm hoping to go to that one too. Maybe the B/F will want to go.... Other than all that I guess I don't have anything else.. I'll try to get around to getting some pictures posted. Hope ya'll have a great day!

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SoMuchSugar said...

I'm a big fan of Getting Shit Done while in my pajamas and lying on the couch... I think it is very productive.

Hope you are having fun ice-skating! xoxo