Friday, March 23, 2007

Lucky 13

This is post #13 for me, hope its a good one. My hockey team won last night (big cheer) 5 to 1. Now, here are my thoughts on why people watch hockey (in no particular order). The FIGHTS: last night there was a good fight that seemed to last 10 minutes but I think it was more like 2. It was a pretty good one and to see their team WIN. I love to see the shoot outs sometimes I can't even watch, one time the Wild went 9 rounds, that's a lot.
On to all things crafty. My bag is 90% done, got 'er sewn up and mostly done last night- plexi project has been pushed aside because it makes my hand hurt and its a lot of work sometimes. I've been on somewhat of a "lul" in the craft department. Only for the reason that I haven't been around to do any of it. It isn't much fun to start working on something at 8 pm. That can go 2 ways: one, you stay up wayyy to late because you just can't walk away or two, it turns to crap. My problem is usually the first one, or a combination of the two! I guess there's really nothing left to talk about- so I hope everyone has a good weekend and if its nice where you live, get out and enjoy it :)

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