Friday, March 9, 2007


Well, I had my first non-family member post and I'm excited. Thanks Maureen. Well, today is Friday. And its nice and slow at work and we are having a chili fundraiser. So I've got lunch all squared away for today. We have fundraisers and food drives all the time around here and I think they are fun. I'm usually the sign maker and general helper, its a nice change from the everyday junk. The money goes to all kinds of places but mainly the Alexandra House and SACA, this year I think they have added some other places. The Alexandra House is an amazing place where women and children can go for help to escape domestic violence. They have a great walk in the fall to raise money. Any hop evers from my sisters blog can/have read about it and see pics. Well, no pics today of my stuff, mainly because I didn't get around to doing it. The weather is supposed to be nice this weekend (woo hoo) and I'm hoping my b/f will take me to the dam, so I can see whats going on with the river. Its pretty cool when it starts breaking up. When I say nice I mean 40's to some I know thats cold but here in Minnesnowta- its practically shorts weather. Well, I think thats all for today. Remember to tell your friends :P


Noelia said...

Just wanted to say Hi! I'm a reader of your sister's blog : )

Maureen said...

Your very welcome Miranda. Its nice to meet new people online. Caslte Rock is located south of Burnsville by 30 mins, or 6 miles north of the town Northfield. Which has St.Olaf and Carleton Colleges. I will send you an email back about the bags. Thank you for emailing me.