Tuesday, March 13, 2007


Yippee! Two more people posted comments! Thanks Lynne and Michele for stopping by. Well, the good news is that I actually remembered to take pictures AND bring the camera with me.

This little jem might be my ulitmate favorite, for sure it is in my top 5. Its pretty small, I'm not usre on the measurements but somewhere around 7x7.. Give or take a little. This is the awesome "buttonhole" bag.

This little bag is about the same as the other but it is longer. This is my very first bag in this style. They are so quick and with felting you never really know what it is going to do when its in the washer- doing its thing.

Well. Here's my terrible joke for the day- Here are some of my dam pictures.
From L to R: Looking out, Looking down and from the side. Well- I have one more bag that I have to felt and a toy that I made for my cat, maybe I'll post of picture of her and you all can see why she needs all the toys she can get.. Hopefully, I will get to that tonight or sometime this week. For as boring as my life is sometimes, I sure do have a lot going on!


Heather said...

I'm really getting the feeling here that *family* members are discouraged!!! And YOU are stealing all my bloggin' friends!!!
Sheesh... little sisters! I think SOMEONE might just getting a dirty diaper hidden in her car the next time she stops over!

Heather said...

Oopps... I forgot the "be" before the just in my post. And I LOVE your two little bags. Very cute. And you can make Chloe all the toys you want. She's still a lazy cat! Maybe we can have Ludwig teach her to dig some holes.