Monday, March 12, 2007


First things first-I would like to send a big THANKS to Noelia for being my second visitor that I am not related to. I've also given my blog a new look, for ease of reading. It was brought to my attention that maybe the black background made it a little hard to read- so we'll give this a whirl and see how it goes. Well, the weather here is wonderful- high for today is going to be in the upper fifties, woohoo! I didn't even need to wear a coat on my way to work, I love that. I did make it to the dam this weekend but the river was already broken up, but its still a pretty cool place to go, you can walk across the whole Mississippi River and the dam is under you. I think I just like listening to the sound of the water. I'll post pics of that tomorrow along with my bags and such. And I'm really looking for ideas on what kind of stuff I should do on here. I feel like its probably boring for others to read about my pretty uneventful life (a nicer way of saying boring). I have decided on another idea for a project and maybe I will start that tonight and then I can tell you all about it tomorrow and see how it goes... Well, until next time-


Lynne.x said...

Welcome to Blogland.
Thanks for visitiing my Blog - hope you visit often.

michele said...

I guess I will now haunt your blog like I do your sisters!!!! Post pictures of all your cool things, people need to see the great stuff you make!! Enjoy your blog!!

Heather's friend Michele G.