Thursday, March 8, 2007

Finally, pictures..

Well, its about time. Right? Well, posting the pics was not hard at all. I've done worse. So here they are. These are all bags that my mom has made. Mainly because she took the pics and I remembered to grab them last night.

These ones (above) are sewn and they are made of beautiful brocade fabric. And all of these bags are for sale. She would be mad if I didn't add that side note.

These ones are crocheted and then felted. The pics don't do them justice. The first one (on the left) is purple, blue, green, and other colors. The second one, is purple with flecks of color and green, I call it the grape bag. The last one is blue and brown.

These two are also felted. The one on the right is what I like to call a "buttonhole" bag. The handles are made my making a large buttonhole. Its pretty cool because it is a variegated yarn and it has some metallic flecks in it. Very cool. So maybe tomorrow I will post some pics of the stuff I've made. I like the smaller bags, because I think they are cute. My mom, she likes the bigger ones. I also make pin cushions that double as cat toys, because my cat is crazy and thought it was a toy... Felted heart dishes that are super cool. Well, I think that is all for now, I do have to get something accomplished at work today, not that there is anyone to care if I don't, but I might feel bad if I didn't.

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Maureen said...

Those are some great bags. I was wondering how much they go for? I'm looking for a new bag and would love to have a handmade. You can email me at