Friday, March 16, 2007

Finally Friday!!

Today is Friday, one of my most favorite days. I think that I like Thursday best. My b/f and I almost always have dinner together on Thursdays, and I get to see baby Owen. He's growing so fast and doing so much, its so cool. He is my only nephew and the only baby that I've grown attached too. I was scolded yesterday when I went to babysit because I have not updated my blog- but that is mainly bc there is nothing going on. Well, I'll tell you all about my plexi project, yet another one sparked by Owen. I'm going to make a picture hanging. I'm cutting 4 3/8 x 6 inch squares and then in the corners I am putting eyelets and putting 2 of them together and then a picture in between and I am going to use S hooks or wires to hook them together so they hang vertically. I really hope that I don't foob it up bc in my mind it looks pretty cool! SO far I have 2 squares cut, and that was pretty easy, I just have to cut down the big sheet.
I'm one of these people that always have a million ideas that I would like to do, so I have to be really careful to only start one thing and try to finish it before I start something new. That is SO hard. I'm sure I'm not the only person like that.. I just like to make stuff so much and I see things at stores or that other people that made and I think "I can make that" and sometimes I do. SO I guess that's all that is new and exciting, I'll take pics of all my junk that I work on this weekend. See you all on Monday, have a happy St. Patrick's Day- be safe.

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michele said...

Don't let your sis get on you about updating your blog, she isn't always very good about taking care of hers!!! Can't wait to see what you make over the weekend!