Tuesday, March 20, 2007


Howdy! Its Tuesday. And the highlight of my day was a cookie. It was a chocolate cookie with white chocolate and regular chocolate chips (yay, your jealous). I didn't really want to eat it, since it was still morning and I thought that it would be really, really good after lunch. But, I ate half because it was just staring at me. There's this old guy (its o.k. for me to call him that) that I work with and he goes to the Chiropractor, and they bake cookies there and they are good, so sometimes a select few of us get a treat :) There's a hockey game on tonight, whhoohoo.
So I'm listening to the radio and they have found the missing boyscout, alive. Thats so cool. I wonder if he used any of his "training". Well. I've been asked to make a bag for my boyfriend's aunt. So I'm going to hit up the fabric store during lunch and see what I can find. I need to find some flower fabric. His Mom is going to do something that I thought was a good idea, she's going to put seeds (she has a whole bunch) in the bag and then send it to her. I thought that sounded really nice, so how could I say no? For Christmas I made her a bag with cats on it and a pocket that I divided into some skinny pockets for crochet hooks and such. She keeps crochet stuff in there. She really like it, so that was really cool. That's the reason I make stuff- to see other people happy and excited to have something cool. I just try to remember that when I am making something that I'm not into or I'm frustrated with... On that note. I'm giong to get some work stuff done so that I can go shopping.

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