Wednesday, March 7, 2007


Ahh, bowling day. Good ol' bowling. I love to bowl. I don't know why, maybe because its like exercise but seems like less work.. but I can still count it as exercise if someone asks. Well, I'm still working on the pictures, but I'm thinking that tomorrow is going to be the day. And then I just have to spend some time getting my name and my blog (boring and all) out there so people will check it all out. In other news, my hockey team, the Minnesota Wild lost terribly last night.. I'm not a bandwagon-er and I can usually hold out hope till the last minute, but it was so horrific last night that I couldn't even watch.. akk. Well on that happy note, I should get back to work, which is a whole nother post by itself, let's just say I'd rather blog ALL day long instead of working, but not from home because home = dial up which = slooooowww. Not here, fast network connection = me happy. If only Qwest would call and say they are letting my old neighborhood be up with technology *dreams of the day*

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Heather said...

And now I'm the second poster! (Am I annoying yet!) And that's why it's cool when your little sister starts her own blog! I can pop by and comment and be annoying!