Wednesday, March 14, 2007

*Just another day*

Well, apparently my excitement for non-family visitors has upset my only sister. So this is for her: (Waves) THANKS SISSY!!! On to other evnets, my hockey team won last night! And I pretty much missed all the action because I can't stay awake past 11pm anymore.. I missed the last 8 minutes plus the OT-How sad! Oh well.

Her she is in all her furry glory- My cat, or "pretty girl" as I call her or "fuzz bucket" depending on if we are getting along or not. She's a big kitty, not just fat but overall she's big. But thats the way God made her and I love her just the same.
On to crafting related stuff. I tried my hand as cutting plexiglass last night, and I guess overall it wasn't bad. I just used a utility knife to score it (a million times) and then I snapped it. But I was asking myself "who's stupid idea was this" But now I've cut the piece to a smaller size and know (sort of ) what I am doing and I hope that it goes better and that I'll be happy with what I make, chances are it will be one of the things that I "just had to do" that I will never do again, unless it turns out so good that my sister wants me to make one for her.. And putting a dirty diaper in my car might be kind of hard because we stand in the window and watch you from the time you go out the door to the time you leave, and I lock my car- always! And I found out the other day that my BIL reads the blog I'd better say Hi to him- So HI Morgan! I'll see you all on the flipside.

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