Thursday, March 22, 2007


So, here it is, Thursday already- wow how time flies. Seems like it was just Monday. Once again the highlight of my day is centered around food (big surprise). Today, a chocolate, chocolate chip muffin, a big one. Yummy! So my sister is having a scrap party this weekend and I usually bring something to knit or crochet because I don't do a lot of scrapping (sorry). But she suggested that I need an idea book. So I've been thinking about what to do. I could buy something and then decorate it, but then I have to figure out what to buy and where to go and when I'm going to be able to do that. But then when I was grabbing my shred stuff out of the cabinet, I saw these two reams of card stock that I saved from the trash- and I thought "I could use that paper" So I'm thinking that I'm going to cut the sheets in half and then punch holes in it and connect them together somehow, maybe ribbons, or glue it or something. And then decorate it and use fun papers. My sister has everything to make just about anything involving paper so I'm sure she's got some stuff I can use. I also encourage you all to hop over to Monster Crochet (its about other stuff too). LadyL. has a thought provoking and interesting post up today.. Well, ya'll have a good day and I hope that you all have a "chocolate, chocolate chip muffin" kind of day ..

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Heather said...

I'm seeing a very obvious food theme this week! The "kids" at work getting to you?? Owen mentioned to me this evening that you did not come visit him today. He was disappointed and is expecting a nice little convertible as payment for this missed day together.